We bring years of design expertise in the public sector to meet the needs of the people.

User Research

Human-centered design puts people at the center of products and services, and user research helps us understand how to best do that. Deux Digital brings more than 10 years of collective experience in employing qualitative research methods to sense the needs of citizens and improve the delivery of critical social services.


Heuristic Analysis
User Interviews
Usability Testing
Diary Studies
Focus Groups
Participatory Design

Service Design

The best services are designed. Any of the best service experiences you can think of were designed and deployed with a purpose – informed by real people. Deux Digital can help your organization transform and set the standard for service delivery in your industry.


Service Blueprints
Journey Mapping
Concept Design and Ideation
Design Workshop Facilitation
Roadmapping and Innovation Planning

HUMAN experience

Launching a new product or service is just as important as measuring its ability to help people achieve their core needs. It’s not just about the customer experience or CX, it’s about the human experience. Deux Digital helps your organization launch a measurement program to track the pulse of satisfaction with your humans – customers, employees, citizens and more.


Journey Mapping
Measurement Channel Strategy
Measurement Process Flow Design
Feedback Mechanism Design

Let’s build something great together.