Empowering freelancers to win and sustain business with content


Freelancing is hard. Freelancers who turn their passions and talents into products and services also have to manage their own one-man businesses. That means administering marketing, sales and projects for their clients. It can be daunting, and that’s why Space Chimp Media kick started a service to take the load off freelancers by delivering clients directly and cutting administration out of the freelance experience.

To complement Space Chimp’s mission, we pushed out a content strategy meant to further improve the freelance experience¬† with focus on a few key themes:

  • Increasing your productivity
  • Managing your bandwidth
  • Locating the best workspaces
  • Improving client relationships and delivery

Our content provided useful considerations for freelancers and drove Space Chimp’s inbound marketing execution, placing the agency near the top of search rankings for terms like “freelancing” and “freelance” agency.

Check out some of our content here.

Space Chimp’s ____ was improving the freelance experience by lifting the load a bit for freelancers. What’s yours?

Email us so we can help you change ______ for better.