Your customers’ motivations should be the foundation to your CX strategy

Customer experience

What’s the difference between your business, brand and customer experience strategy? That’s a trick question. Your business, brand and customer experience strategies should be aligned and glued together by your customers’ motivations. Solving a market need is important, but your solution will not connect without a customer experience that supports their innermost motivations.

The nature of your customer relationships may not warrant much theater, but every interaction serves a greater purpose. Each customer interaction should deliver on your brand promise to improve your customers’ lives in some way. Your business, brand and customer strategies should be in line with each other, How do you do it?

Know your customers’ expectations, and meet them

Customer expectations are dynamic, even more so in today’s market place where shifts come swiftly. One trending topic or viral story can completely change the consumer conscience almost instantly, and consumers expect brands answer the change almost instantaneously.

Keep a pulse of your consumer conscience by fostering a community through direct brand channels and/or social media. Poll or survey often, and show gratitude for your customers’ participation. Take what you learn and incorporate into your short-term decision making. There may be innovation waiting for you in your customers’ changing needs. It’s better to stay ahead of the curve in this respect than respond.

Be transparent

Transparency is the easiest and most cost effective way to address your customers’ motivations. Customer inquiries can drive costs in time and money. Solve for this and improve your customer experience with clarity in your customer communications

Speak to their needs plainly and in clear view. Bring all impacting information to prominence in your communications and focus on the customer impact as the key takeaway for your messaging. Look to automation and artificial intelligence integration in your direct and social channels to answer the growing demand for immediate response. Never make the customer feel like they didn’t get the full answer. Being opaque can hurt your brand reputation, negatively impacting new sales and damaging existing customer relationships.

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